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Race Rules

Race Rules

Please Note: On entering, competitors agree to a declaration to waive liability, confirm acceptance of the rules & agree to the release of personal images to the media and for event promotion purposes. Note that international competitors must have the appropriate medical insurance in place for this event. We do advice that competitors organise their own personal insurance.

Do not trespass or cut corners –follow the event instructions. FEAR passes through protected areas of land called ASSI (Areas of Special Scientific Interest) and SAC (Special Areas of Conservation). Anyone caught leaving the designated path or forest track will be immediately disqualified.

Mandatory kit must be worn or carried as appropriate and as specified

You can only win prizes if you register for a competitive wave

Do not cheat

Respect the environment & local inhabitants

Assist any persons who are in difficulty (e.g. injury) as appropriate

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be condoned during, before or after competition.

Due to insurance constrains we are not allowed to have competitors under the age of 18.

Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the field or area of competition.

The Race Director’s decision is final

For safety reasons no headphones are permitted to be worn by competitors during the event.

On the Magho Cliff Path section for safety reasons competitors ascending the path must give way to those descending. (FEAR only)

Please Do

Listen to the safety messages given out by all marshals

Look around you and enjoy the scenery!

Look after your mates and those around you

Stop and help someone who you think might be in trouble

Raise the alarm to the nearest marshal, or call Race HQ, if you think someone needs assistance

Carry the mandatory equipment at all times. It’s there for a reason.

Drink plenty of water as you go around the course

Stay for the prize giving

Please Don’t

Be late for registration

Litter Policy
– Each competitor is required to dispose of their waste, properly.

– We ask all competitors to dispose of their litter in the rubbish bins provided

– If a competitor is found to be littering they will be disqualified from the competition.

– We encourage everyone to report any littering by other competitors/teams.

– If you have to dispose of any waste during the event we ask that you use our recycle bins properly, which will be located at the various locations.
Lost or Damaged Equipment

Competitors will be provided with various pieces of equipment, and all reasonable care is expected to be exercised by competitors over this equipment. If however it is found that a competitor has wilfully damaged equipment or has been negligent in the care of such equipment, the organiser reserves the right to be compensated in respect of this equipment to the tune of the replacement value of the goods.

Where “dibbers” and/ or other timing equipment are issued to competitors to wear during the event, the organiser expects these to be returned post-event. If a competitor does not return the dibber, the competitor shall reimburse the organiser for the replacement value of the goods – £30 per dibber

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Thank you for supporting FEARManagh!
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Thank you for supporting FEARManagh!
Thank you for supporting FEARManagh!
Thank you for supporting FEARManagh!
Thank you for supporting FEARManagh!